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Rug Life is the proud official sponsor of Epic Bars. Pioneering the rap battle scene in Cardiff.

Epic Bars is the creation of a team lead by Shane 'Shaydee Nexman' Ford, and have grown massively over the passed year hosting big events with a following which is rapidly increasing due to the talent displayed and hard work put in by the Epic Bars crew.

Epic Bars have hosted battles featuring high profile names such as Pamflit, Jake The Ripper, Tenchoo, Mikey Holden, Melo, Benji(Astroid Boys), Shunobi, Stowaway, Unique, Sprungy, Jigster, Odie, Eyez, Shawgi Bear and R.Dott to name a few.

There will be some huge events this year and Rug Life is proud to be an offical sponsor of the event.

Winners from the main battle at each event will receive a Rug Life goody bag and a store will be set up at each event with discount for Epic Bars members.

Keep track of all events and watch each battle by subscribing to the Epic Bars YouTube Channel or check out the Facebook page or follow on Twitter @Epicbars_Wales