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Ground Loungewear....

Rug Life Clothing is an independant clothing company based in Cardiff, Wales,  UK.

All designs are free hand originals from JobiOne and influenced heavily by Music, Art, Lifestyle and Culture. Rug Life has the aim to bring the local creative scene together and promote local talented artists, musicians, designers, promoters off all genres. If you fall into this category, get in touch so we can give your work a platform to be seen and heard. There is a massive pool of talent locally which needs a push and at Rug Life is passionate about getting Cardiff's creative and underground scene the support and voice it deserves.

Check out all things Rug and all latest updates and news and like our page at and follow us on twitter @ruglifeclothing.

All new designs,competitions and news will be updated here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Don't be shy to post pictures of you and your rugs!

We promise to fullfill your orders within 10-14 working days unless specified otherwise.

Feedback is greatly appreciated so do not hesitate to contact either via our facebook page or email at

If you would like to mix and match designs or would like a different colour to what is advertised on here please contact and we will try to make it happen....

Stay Rugged,

Joey Rugsman (Jobi1)

Chief Rugsman